Robert Laudadio

Robert Laudadio

Manager – Wound Closure Platform

Mr. Laudadio an experienced healthcare marketer with over 20 years progressive business expertise that includes operations, product development, sales, and marketing. Robert brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial and corporate experiences having worked for healthcare powerhouse Johnson & Johnson Corporation, as well as founding two companies during his career. During his time at Johnson & Johnson, Robert led their topical skin adhesive franchise to over $150MM in sales within 5 years, twice earning him marketing’s prestigious James Burke Award.

In addition to building brands and strategic marketing plans. He has led product development initiatives, creating Ethicon, Inc’s surgical division it’s first multi-generational product plan (MGPP). Along with C-FIT initiatives (voice of customer programs) he successfully launched 6 new products, which included expansion into 3 new global market segments: resulting in first year revenues of over $58MM.

Drawing upon his medical device experience, he co-founded Bergen Medical Products, a wound closure medical device company that focused on bringing unique technologies to healthcare providers to help improve patient outcomes and overcome limitations with existing technologies.

With a passion in information technology he has been a thought leader in the digital space, bringing to market one of the first B2B eCommerce platforms to manage over $1B in sales transactions for ENTEX Information Systems (acquired by Seimens) This passion for digital information also saw Mr. Laudadio co-found Concept Information Systems, a business analytics and intelligence software platform later acquired by PwC.

As a healthcare industry veteran, he uses his broad product development, marketing, and operations skills to identify and develop markets, products, and opportunities that lead to positive outcomes for both patients, as well as healthcare professionals.