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Dr. Parvizi is James Edward Professor of orthopedic surgery at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He is director and vice chairman of research. His clinical practice involves reconstruction of complex pelvis, hip, and knee conditions with special emphasis on joint preservation, Periprosthetic Joint Infection, and management of young patients with hip disorders such as dysplasia and femoroacetabular impingement. He chaired the workgroup of the Musculoskeletal Infection Society (MSIS) workshop that proposed the MSIS definition of PJI in 2010 that has been adapted by the Center for Disease Control as the definition of PJI. He was the president of MSIS in 2013 and as part of his presidential initiative held the International Consensus Group (ICG) on Periprosthetic Joint Infection that brought together over 300 world experts on PJI from 52 countries and 130 different societies. He has received wide recognition for his clinical and basic science research including numerous awards from The Hip Society, The Knee Society, American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, The MSIS and numerous other organizations. He was given the Best Researcher of the year award in 2011 by the Arthritis Foundation. He has published over 700 scientific articles and is the editor of 18 text books in related subjects including books on THE Hip and THE Knee.


“As an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, Alan has built businesses from the ground up. He is recognized as an industry expert and familiar with the hard work and dedication that has led to the formation and successful exits of several companies.”

In my first true work capacity as an employee of a long-standing family business, I was provided with an opportunity by my family members to lead and restructure a waning OEM business.

The business was rebranded as Envision Manufacturing and relaunched with a work force that was dedicated to the medical device sector with a focus on the orthopaedic specialties.

Through the penetrating efforts of our sales and marketing, the business quickly became known as a top tier supplier to the industry and was well recognized for its ability to develop complex implants and instruments.

As the business grew, we turned our attention to becoming a direct to market company and with the help of leading industry experts we devised our strategy to become one of the first companies to be solely focused on the extremity market.  It was this plan that also coincided with a roll-up strategy of the leading medical technology and merchant banking firm VB, LLC that formed the foundation for Small Bone Innovations (SBi). The business operated from the infrastructure first laid out by Envision and received funding by VB and many other private equity firms. Years later the business sold for $350M to Stryker (NYSE: SYK).

Later, I had the privilege of joining a stellar group of market makers and medical device experts in the building out of Silicone Valley’s, Ceterix Orthopaedic’s. The company successfully exited to Smith & Nephew (NYSE: SNN) for $105M.

It is with this same enthusiasm that we approach each and every project at PSI and with the expectation that through the collective efforts of our team and our partnerships we can improve upon healthcare.

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