Our goal is to continue along the same lines by developing breakthrough technologies that address many of the maladies and conditions that have persisted and strained our healthcare system. Through a large and diversified network of professionals, PSI has gained access to many of the preeminent medical technologies that address a broad range of treatments.

Parvizi Surgical Innovations, LLC is assisting its affiliate companies in the areas of; research studies, product development, manufacturing, product testing, participating in regulatory activities and clinical trials while securing intellectual property (patents, trademarks, and copyrights), for pre-clinical and clinical use.

Internal Innovations

External Innovations


SURGIPHOR™ Wound Irrigation System is a system of two sterile irrigation solutions that mechanically loosen and remove wound debris. The SURGIPHOR™ solution is a dark amber nearly odorless solution used to cleanse wounds, and the SurgiRinse™ solution is a colorless saline solution used to rinse wounds. • Sterilized by gamma irradiation • Contains the preservative povidone iodine

Cleu Diagnostics

Cleu Diagnostics combines hand-held point-of-care diagnostics with the science of electrochemistry to accurately diagnose and track clinical disease.


CaptiGen is an optimized Microbial DNA Collection System.


HealthEXL is an interactive virtual nurse navigator that guides and assists the patient throughout the surgical episode.


Founded in 2013, Tangen Biosciences, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company located in Branford, Connecticut. Tangen has developed an innovative platform that enables molecular diagnostic technology to move out of traditional laboratories by providing low cost, portable, and rapid diagnostic capabilities for a variety of applications.


The CurvaFix® Intramedullary Rodscrew is the only device capable of following the natural bone shape and filling the space within curved bones such as the pelvis. The rodscrew procedure is minimally invasive using standard fluoroscopy. The flexible device is implanted through a small incision over a steerable guidewire into the intramedullary space (center of the bone) and then converted into a rigid state to stabilize and repair a bone fracture. Unlike straight screws, which can’t follow a bone’s curvature (limiting use) and bone plates, which require an open surgical procedure, the CurvaFix Rodscrew provides a new direction for pelvic fracture repair.

Clinic Q - HealthHere

Health Here’s Clinic Q is a comprehensive, patient-friendly platform that removes the friction from healthcare, from first impression to final payment. Clinic Q’s mobile-first product suite spans the patient journey, allowing providers to leverage a single interface for all of their patient-facing needs.


Based in Sydney, Australia, Navbit Holdings Pty Ltd is a hip replacement surgery device company. Founded in 2015, NavBit is developing a disposable, single-use surgical navigation system that helps orthopaedic surgeons accurately position the acetabular cup during hip replacement surgery. The Navbit Sprint is intended to help surgeons position the components properly during surgery, lowering the risk of dislocation.

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