Mayank Parmar

Mayank Parmar

Sr. Quality & Test Engineer

Having graduated from Temple University with a B.S. in Bioengineering, Mr. Parmar was eager to kick start his career with one goal in mind: pursuing the improvement of healthcare and medicine for patients and having an impact not only on patients, but their families as well. In summer of 2017, he was PSI’s first employees, sharing in the principals and values that the company represents.

Having witnessed, at a very early age, the impact that healthcare can have on his father, Mr. Parmar became deeply intrigued by the capabilities that medicine & healthcare had provided. His father underwent a total knee replacement by the care of Dr. Parvizi, and because of the positive outcome, Mr. Parmar experienced the impact that can be made on patient and their loved ones. This was when Mr. Parmar recognized that he would like to contribute to that sense of joy for patients and their families.

His first project at PSI, Mr. Parmar managed development of a product that is being used in orthopedic surgeries currently: Surgiphor, the first ever Sterile Povidone-Iodine based surgical irrigation solution. This project was one his greatest learning experiences as it provided the basis for him to begin understanding and managing how a healthcare product becomes reality. The project spanned from concept, development to regulatory clearance which included formulation/design development, manufacturing process implementation, quality documentation exercises, and regulatory testing planning and execution. After learning many skills and experiencing the challenges and joys of the project, he knew that this was the path he would continue to take in order to achieve his goal of improving healthcare and medicine.

Today, Mr. Parmar is involved in several projects within PSI and works closely with the growing team both within and outside of PSI. Together, he believes that they will continue to pursue the mission of PSI with impactful innovations.

Outside of his time at PSI, he enjoys his hobbies of exercising, discovering great food, spending time with his friends and family, and lastly working with his hands mostly on cars!